Welcome to Mowr!

An On Demand Outdoor Service App.



With on demand, you can do the last minute chores you were stressing about

Real-Time Updates

When a partner picks up your job, you get to see where they are in relation to your house


It's as simple as setting up your yard and requesting a service! (Just add a payment method)


The app was designed with the user in mind.

Become a Partner

Become a partner to start earning money by leaving you with extra cash each week

How it Works

Set up Your Yard

By using an overhead map view, you mark the front and back yard of your property, establishing a fair price based on the square footage you just marked. This also helps your partner know where the job will be performed.

Request a Service

Request either a mowing, snow, or leaf service! Let us know what you need done, and a partner will be there! You can either go online and wait for a partner to pick up your service, or schedule a job within the next week.

Finish and Pay

Once the job has completed, you will be notified that the service is done. That's it! Feel free to give your partner a rating, because they'll be rating you too!

Free up Your Weekends Now

With Mowr, you now have control over when your services get done. Free up your weekends by easily requesting services with the push of a button.

Services We Offer


No Add-on Services

Snow Removal

No Add-on Services

Leaf Blowing/Removal

+2 Add-on Services

From Mowing, to Leaf Cleaning and Beyond.

Mowr has all the additional yard work. Going to be out of town? Want to make sure you can have a great yard, but can't find anyone local? Book from anywhere in the world with the app!

About Us

Mowr wants to provide you with a great service through openness and control. Whether you are a partner or a client, Mowr is dedicated to bringing you the best experience.

Mowr started out as a great idea and is based out of Lansing, Michigan. Mowr is more than an app, it's a community of people you can count on.

We are Mowr!